Charles River Laboratories Review: A little humility never hurts

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A little humility never hurts

Overall: 4 stars

Date: May 1, 2014

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Service Description

Genetically engineered mouse model provided by Charles River was used in a small molecule efficacy and safety study. We did two engineered mouse models and two naive animals with a full IC50 dose with our small molecule cytotox agents. The 8 point IC50 dose was run in all 4 animals and tumor size was measured three times a week for four weeks. The compound was delivered by oral gavage twice weekly. At the end point liver, kidneys, brain, and lung was taken for IHC to monitor tox endpoints.

What Went Well

Charles river is a word class CRO with extensive expertise in both Oncology and drug discovery areas. They were able to hit the ground running and the experiments were essentially written before we even spoke to them. With a few minor adjustment to the final protocol we waited about 45 days and the entire study data package was delivered to us. I would say for a tumor efficacy study they are experts and you could rely on them to run the study on their own. They also provided great insight to the interpretation of the data and next experiments.

What Could Be Improved

I think the price is the concern with Charles River. They are pricey compared to other CROs but they are a top provider. I would say they seem to be interested in making more money by adding services and additional experiments which also adds to the total cost. They should be more aggressive with their pricing as the CRO market continues to become more competitive.

Lessons Learned from the Experience

I learned that Charles River is a leader in the Oncology area but it comes with a high price tag. I also thought they were a bit arrogant when discussion the data as they thought they had all the answers for interpretation and next steps. I think they provided great input but some humility never hurts.