Covance Review: Level of support and services have been good thus far

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Level of support and services have been good thus far

Overall: 4 stars

Date: May 2, 2014

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Service Description

Full Service CRO: including monitoring, data management, feasibility, regulatory support etc. for a Respiratory Phase I study in Healthy Subjects

What Went Well

Covance showed interest during the RFP stage and asked lots of questions to provide an accurate estimate and also included cost for some options that would result in cost-savings. We're mid-way through the study now and the experience has been positive thus far. They were able to work on our concern for quick turn around on safety labs and their experience is helpful.

What Could Be Improved

We're only mid-way, but Covance level of support and services have been good thus far. Things are moving along on time and according to budget. We did run into a little hiccup during recruitment period and had to spend a little more than usual for the advertising budget, but less on screen-failure keeping the budget neutral.

Lessons Learned from the Experience

Covance has done a good job thus far and provided their pro-active input on the study design during and after the RFP stage. For example, Covance suggested a way to get the safety results quickly though their local lab, without adding a lot to the budget and even remembered to include budget for an external lab, in case we wanted to go to a local lab for holidays/weekends. The investigator has 10+ years experience and seems to be handling the study well. Enrollment was a little slow in the beginning and it took a little time to fix this issue, but things have been going smoother due to extra advertising and other recruiting methods.