Quintiles Review: Very cooperative, but the overview of results were not 100% reliable

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Very cooperative, but the overview of results were not 100% reliable

Overall: 4 stars

Date: July 9, 2014

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Service Description

Quintiles was contracted to perform payer interviews for a newly, to be authorized product, in different European countries. Quintiles was contracted to perform interviews with payer organizations for a newly developed medicinal product in asthma. The overall aim was to find out how the product will be reimbursed and what hurdles may exist. It was important to cover several European countries, i.e. also Germany, France, Italy etc.

What Went Well

The approach to the interviews was very professional. Quintiles provided a plan what to ask and even more important how to ask. They provided a succinct overview of the answers, divided by country and made us aware of existing hurdles. Direct feedback from interviewees was provided in writing.

What Could Be Improved

The overview of results was very long and not really well readable. It was all shown in PowerPoint slides that had way too much text on it. Furthermore it seemed like both the interviewer and the interviewee misunderstood certain aspects of the product, which we would have expected to lead to a query back to us as the future MAH to clarify.

Lessons Learned from the Experience

Quintiles served us very well and was very cooperative. They agreed to the vast amount of information provided in the overview and went through it with us to clarify. Problems in understanding certain aspects of the product, however, were not resolved completely and made some results unusable for us.