May 13, 2014 in Blog by jmeyer

Welcome to The OutsourcePharma Advisory Board and our blog.  We are glad you are here and registered as an advisory board member. I’d like to take this opportunity to formally welcome you and give a little more background about the site and what’s in store for the coming weeks….It’s really an exciting time!

After more than a decade of serving the CRO industry with voice-of-the-customer market research and strategic consulting services, Life Science Strategy Group decided it was time to take its panel of biopharmaceutical industry professionals to the next level. Our idea first started out with the establishment of an online community dedicated to biopharmaceutical outsourcing professionals (like you). The goal of the community being to provide a place where Biopharma drug development and outsourcing professionals could communicate, ask questions in forums, network and share resources with other like-minded professionals. The closed, online community would also serve as a centralized portal where members could access all of Life Science Strategy Group’s active market research studies.

Well, one good idea led to another and here we are today. In addition to the above elements, we have taken the concept to a whole ‘nother level. We have added in a repository for various resources (web links, articles, white papers, reports), created defined member groups and built in quick polls that explore current industry topics. But we did not stop there – we went ahead and created the first and only Yelp-Like directory of customer reviews of CROs, which give our members the ability to read, search AND create anonymous reviews of the CROs they work with. On top of this we went ahead and incorporated several of the CRO performance metrics that are part of the vendor selection process and indicative of quality service delivery. We are sure you will quickly see the value as you discovery the nuggets of insight they contain.

Looking ahead, we have more planned for the site including timely blog posts, quick-poll site surveys with real-time results for members, new CRO reviews, opportunities for guest authors on our blog, sponsored-content on the site by leading CROs, and of course, more opportunities to participate in LSSG studies. We are also open to ideas shared by our community for further enrichment.

So take some time and explore the site. As an online community the more content and insight you contribute the better our community will be. We are also offering small cash incentives/ credits for completing various activities within the community including participation in LSSG’s studies, submission of CRO reviews and referring colleagues to The OutsourcePharma Advisory Board. “Follow” us on Twitter @OutsourcePharma to stay on top of the latest community announcements, news and opportunities to participate.

Thank you again. We look forward to hearing from you and will “see” you on the site.

– Jon